Treasure Island

Entry Charges: 600/- Rs.
Type of Music: Mix of all
Attractions Of Treasure Island: Swimming pool, Camel Rides, Indoor Games And Disco
Nearby Attractions: Gandipet, Elles World, Ocean Park

Entertainment in Treasure Island
There are many entertainment sections like swimming pool, a big hall where everybody can play indoor games like Chess and Table Tennis and so more. Here, days are counted not in hours. But by the number of priceless moments spent. Whether its watching the unadulterated joy on your child face as he goes camel riding. Or cruising in go-karts. Splashing in the sparkling blue waters of the pool. Or in the Jacuzzi – you’re on one unending adventure. Children can enjoy watching ducks, rabbits, deers and a lot of variety of birds.

One can order according to her or his choice and enjoy eating a well cooked meal. Palate tickling dishes – whether you are diving into a plateful of noodles enjoying the robust, spicy tandoori dishes or allowing the unique flavour of a barbecue flatter your tastebuds. Its easy to give yourself up to the magic of this exclusive world.

Cottages in Treasure Islands
Over 30 bamboo cottages, designed to make living a pleasure – simple, tasteful and comfortable, these dwellings will unlock the gates of your imagination. All one has to do is get there – and make any day seek like the perfect vacation.

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